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This thing is like a time-capsule..   
12:33am 20/05/2012
mood: awake
In the past two years:

- I've dealt with dual-majoring in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts
- Met the love of my life, and moved in with him.
- Moved from Indiana to Raleigh, NC (See above.)
- Dealt with separations and stress.

I'm now continuing my schooling, majoring in Pastry now, instead of both seeing that the new chef school in NC only lets people major one subject. I'm a cake girl, anyway. I'm working as a full-out wedding cake decorator, and a head chef in a kitchen. Life can't get any better than this..

Too obsessed with Layton games and Harvest Moon. This LJ is a stress-reliever, I can't believe I ever gave it up.

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HOLY F**K   
01:12am 15/05/2010
mood: drunk
I got a new job at P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro. Pretty fuckin' sweet, seeing that they make everything from scratch.

I got a certified used 2005 Honda Civic, with bran new tires, bran new battery, practically bran new everything. Its the sweetest piece of ass i have ever seen, yeow.

i have a new love interest ;D

and i had sushi and sake in one sitting.

And all 4 of these things happened this week :D

I be a lucky girl <3

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Just sayin..   
01:35pm 18/04/2010
mood: accomplished
Me and 6 other people agree that you need help. Do you not understand how worried you make people?

But oh yeah, that's right, you just don't give a fuck anymore.
And that is how you treat ignorant people   
11:54pm 25/03/2010
mood: calm
For the past 4 weeks i have been in such a mind trance, its not even funny anymore. So much of a clusterfuck of mind thoughts have finally brought me to the conclusion: I don't really give a fuck anymore. I am awesome. I am bad ass at what I do, and I am a good person. I needed to find myself since i was like 14, and what do you know, 7 years later and it just now hits me. Being a complete loner has actually helped me alot in school, and its helped me find myself. But for now, i think im gonna come back out of that shell. I'm ready to be 21. Thanks, life. I owe you one. But just one.

My laptop charger has a wire shortage, so my battery's low. I get a new one in the mail saturday. Thank you, Ebay, for blessing me one more time.

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Ah, Kingdom Hearts.   
02:47am 31/01/2010

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Check check 1,2,3...   
03:31pm 29/12/2009
mood: awake
My name is Andrea Marie Smith. And I love myself <3

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Christmas '09   
12:37pm 25/12/2009
  I got lots of stuff. Max got me a Wii. I stayed up until 3 this morning, playing Smash Bros. Brawl, and surfing the internet.

A new green Ipod Nano, so i can record videos now :3

AAA Car assistance <3

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros. Brawl for my wii. Collapsible measuring cups, F.C.U.K Perfume (My personal fave) toe socks, beddy time shorts, and an 11 in 1 Ipod accessory kit <3

Merry Christmas to all :D

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01:08am 20/12/2009
  I just wish I could be happy and love myself.  

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10:11pm 18/11/2009
mood: sad

It was so hard to watch this. I remember Chet. He was my sister's best friend, and a good friend to me. I cried the whole video. I remember watching Happy Tree Friends, and cracking jokes with Chet, listening to paint ball stories, and hanging out with him and my sister. Erin, of course, is taking it way harder..

R.I.P Chet Thompson. Lost, but never forgotten.

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I still care.   
12:21am 14/11/2009
  We are so very different, you and I. Although we were always attached at the hip, we still had different thoughts. We haven't talked since June, but yet you still appear in my dreams, in my thoughts, and you always pass me by on the road. Even though you hate me, I could never hate you. 12 years just doesn't disappear like that. We were both in the wrong, there's nothing we can do to change that now. You have taught me so many things, like kindness. Because of you, I smile at everyone I pass in the halls every day at school, even if i dislike them to a complete extent. %95 of my good memories include you. Those memories will never fade away. I just wanted to say, Thanks. It really does mean alot to me. I hope you are doing well.  
12:03am 13/11/2009
mood: sad
I just found out, that my dad is putting his German Shepard Hansie down. I am greatly saddened by this, but now she won't suffer anymore..

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I work really hard, 'cause im no fun.   
04:46pm 29/10/2009
mood: accomplished
This journal is slowly dying.

Halloween Saturday. I used to love halloween, now i just hate it. Why? I don't like the fact that all the cool costumes are expensive as fuck, and they are still made of shitty material. Make a costume you say? No thank you. I have better shit to do.
Chest Cold part one   
01:53pm 10/09/2009
mood: content
So this morning i woke up with an awful chest cold. So i didn't go to class.

Instead I stayed home, slept alot, ate california style veggie soup, drank hot honey with lime juice, and watched Superjail.

Nothing says "Get well soon" like a violent cartoon jail setting <3

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11:39pm 19/08/2009
mood: sad
One of my sister's best friends (And a friend to me as well) passed away this morning. I was told he overdosed on drugs.

We will miss you, Chet : <

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Bitch be trippin balls!   
07:41pm 02/09/2008
mood: amused


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Oh great merciful crap-shit.   
10:35pm 02/07/2008
mood: Hurt
Today totally disgusted me in so many ways.

I will kick every cramp in my ovaries in the face. And for those of you who say its not possible, trust me i will find a way. Because remember kids, where there is a will, i want to be in it.

Max came over this morning, we watched Jerry Springer and then went to Dairy Queen because i was biting off everyone's head because of my lack of chocolate intake. Hell hath no fury like a girl with cramps.

What made it worse was the fact that i had to go into work. I got yelled at 2 times for pointless bullshit that didnt even matter what-so-fucking-ever. I hate my job. Kayla showed up with medication for me, this completely made my day. I love you dude! Your the best!!!!!1

When i got home my sister instantly started in on how she is in charge while mom and dad are in Ohio. I pointed out that i am staying at Kayla's for the whole weekend, and she was a bit relieved that i wasnt going to be around. She then got the idea that it was ok to accuse me of stealing my brother's camera from his house, and selling it for money. Ok for one, i would never steal something and sell it for money. There's no point. I told her she needed liposuction, and then ran into the house and slammed my door. I felt powerful, and of course, really really hurt. I talked to Kayla for a long time, and she made me feel better, because she always does :3

 Max came to my rescue and whisked me away to his house. I called my mom and told her that i would not be returning unless i got a full sincere apology. Mom apparently threatened Erin someway (I want to know how..) And i got a call 2 minutes later from Erin saying that she didnt mean it, and that she was really sorry. It was an act, i could tell. At least im home now (even tho i can still feel tension throughout the house)

Im still really hurt that she would accuse me of stealing a really expensive camera.

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Nicknames and such   
11:29am 22/05/2008
mood: awake
"What's your nickname, and how did you get it?" 

Kayla had this question in her journal, so im going to answer it too.

I have been called "Chewy" from the day i was born. My dad was big into star wars, and all the other hero movies and what not.. But, back to why my family calls me "Chewy". I used to make a growling noise similar to chewbacca when i was asleep (as a baby) So my parents decided that it fit. They still call me Chewy to this day. (Actually, just this morning my mom said "Bye Chewy, love ya!")

Monkeyface- I used to call an old friend of the family this. And she used to call me it back. I was only 3.

Andi Pandi - Again, this has been my nickname from family members since i was a baby. My dad wanted to name me "Andi" even if i was a boy or girl. I used to have this panda bear backpack i would carry around with me everywhere. And one day, i was just called "Andi Pandi"

Chibi - i got this in middle school when my friend Jessica started calling me it.

Merkip - the nickname i made up

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Dear self: Your an idiot.   
05:47pm 17/05/2008
mood: confused
I havent felt like this much of an idiot since the last guy i was with.

Everything is completely my fucking fault. All my fault.

Cant take it back.

I wish i would wake up and realize that he doesnt like me. If i was awake, i wouldnt feel as bad as i do now.

I hate being alone. I hate being indoors. I hate the person i have become.

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Settle down now fuzzy little man peach.   
08:53pm 23/04/2008
mood: relaxed
My birthday was awesome.

I gots cash from my mum and dad. Erin got me ATHF 5, and i got my Disturbed shirt from my bro and sis in law.

I bought a HUGE $17.99 how to draw manga book. It kicks ass.

I accidentally hit a raccoon when i went to go pick up food for my sister and i. On my way back i noticed there was no raccoon in the road. He must have been Jesus.

Im going to move up working as a waitress at Hirosaki in a few weeks. I am getting tired of just being a hostess.

And im just plain tired.  But i cant pull myself away from the game console to get sleep. Aww.

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Voice Post   
04:01pm 19/04/2008
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“Hey Braun, it's Andrea. Just thought I would do this because Sam had this on his and I thought it was the cool fucking thing ever. So I wanted to try it on. If it doesn't work then I'll probably never use it ever again. Work tonight was hell. I never like working on weekends and I specially do not like the new person that works there now. I guess I'll have to warm up to him. Apparently everything is my fault there and even though I never did anything wrong. A lot of other things have gone wrong but I might as well type them out because I really don't feel like seeing them nor do I have the words to put them in. So this is just a test. Hopefully it works.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

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